Proven Dryer Vent Experts Near You in Dyer, Indiana

Dyer, IN, is a beautiful and charming town on the Illinois-Indiana border. More than 16,000 residents call Dyer home. Less than an hour south of Downtown Chicago, Dyer invites young professionals and families to settle down, providing easy access to everything they need. Dyer Central, Northgate and Pheasant Hills Parks provide countless opportunities for families and outdoor enthusiasts to experience nature. The nearby sandy hills at the Indiana Dunes also invite residents and visitors to their lakefront slopes. And for gaming and entertainment enthusiasts, Jak’s Warehouse and Stardust Bowl offer even more fun.

After a long day exploring all that Dyer offers, residents enjoy drinking and dining at local favorites. Windmill Brewing Taproom and the Engine Room Ale House provide delicious adult beverages and brews, while Scrambled Diner, Little Italy and Dooreen’s Pizzeria offer tasty menus and dining. Unsurprisingly, residents are flocking to Dyer to start businesses, careers and families. And when they need to keep their homes safe with routine dryer vent cleaning and maintenance, they trust the local professionals at Dryer Vent Squad.

Prevent a House Fire with Expert Dryer Vent Cleaning

The Dryer Vent Squad of NW Indiana is a locally owned and operated business founded on the Dryer Vent Squad, Corp. principles. As a veteran-owned business, our team members take pride in their work. We use top-of-the-line tools and techniques to clean and maintain your dryer vents. We leave homes and businesses as clean as or cleaner than we found them, and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. So why should you schedule a dryer vent cleaning with Dryer Vent Squad?

  • Increase your home’s efficiency: A clogged or broken dryer vent can significantly decrease your dryer’s efficiency, increasing energy costs. Additionally, a clogged or broken dryer vent can decrease the longevity of your dryer and other appliances, meaning you’ll have to buy a new one more frequently. Scheduling a dryer vent cleaning or repairs will save you money in the long run!  
  • Improve your home’s safety and health: Clogged, broken or poorly designed dryer vents create a fire hazard. Additionally, clogged air ducts make breathing difficult, increasing allergens, dust and mold in your home. Dryer vent replacement is an ideal way to decrease fire risks, while air duct cleaning can decrease your family’s allergy and asthma symptoms. 
  • Gain peace of mind: Worry can take up your time and energy if your dryer vents or air ducts are clogged. Fortunately, local Dryer Vent Squad experts can restore your peace of mind with thorough, professional services.

Schedule Dryer Vent Cleaning for Your Dyer Home Today

The Dryer Vent Squad is here for your Northwest Indiana home or business. We understand the importance of having a safe, healthy environment for all your needs. We treat your home or business like it’s our own, leaving it as clean as or cleaner than when we arrived. And we go to great lengths to make the vital improvements your space needs to be healthy, safe and efficient. Contact us today to schedule your dryer vent or air duct cleaning – and start breathing easier.