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The city of La Porte is a small, rural town located in Northwest Indiana. Also known as Maple City, the town received its nickname because of the many maple trees throughout the region. The Hesston Steam Museum, Garwood Orchards, and more sparks the interest of many people from all ages. Cafes and shops line the downtown, making it a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. La Porte residents note the safe and welcoming atmosphere the city has. Here at Dryer Vent Squad NWI, we prioritize the same safety to protect homes across the area with clean and efficient dryer vents.

Dryer Vent Installation & Repair

Clogged dryer vents are the number one cause of all appliance-caused household fires. The best way to prevent this are regular cleanings and inspections to make sure your dryer is running in the safest and most efficient way. At Dryer Vent Squad, our professionals prioritize the health of your dryer vents by offering first-class services such as cleaning, installations, and repairs to leave you with a stress-free dryer. No more worrying about clogs and lint buildup – Dryer Vent Squad will leave your dryer spotless and protected! We treat customers with prestige by offering a full menu of services, so you will always find a solution to your needs. 

It’s recommended to have annual cleanings/inspections, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you observe any of these issues. 

Here are some signs that your dryer vents are becoming increasingly inefficient or even unsafe:

  • Excess Lint Behind Dryer: The build-up of lint behind your dryer not only compromises its performance but also shortens the appliance’s overall lifespan, emphasizing the importance of routine maintenance. Regularly removing excess lint from behind the dryer is crucial to ensure efficient ventilation and prevent safety risks.
  • Longer Drying Time: A long drying time can become a nuisance when getting clothes ready-to-wear. If your dryer consistently takes longer than usual to dry clothes, it may be worthwhile to inspect and clean the venting system, as poor ventilation can significantly impact drying performance.
  • Moldy Smell: Unpleasant odors, such as a moldy smell, may indicate the presence of moisture and a growing environment for mold.
  • Excess Pet Hair On Clothes: Leftover pet hair on dried clothes often indicates that the vent needs thorough cleaning. Introducing a regular cleaning schedule for your dryer vents would be beneficial to the health and efficiency of your dryer.


No matter what issues you are experiencing, Dryer Vent Squad will cater to you! We offer a range of services to fix anything from airflow to carbon monoxide buildup. If anything seems alarming about your dryer, Dryer Vent Squad has got your back!

Efficient Dryer Vent Solutions Await

In need of a dryer vent inspection or installation? Search no more, Dryer Vent Squad will come to your doorstep with a clean and efficient process to leave you with a satisfactory experience! Don’t be afraid to reach out. Call us at 219-544-5727 or book online to schedule your appointment today!