Protecting the Beautiful Homes and Businesses of Michigan City

Thirty-two thousand Hoosiers call Michigan City, IN, home. Located on the southeastern shore of beautiful Lake Michigan, Michigan City offers endless fun and opportunities. This lake community is just an hour’s train ride from downtown Chicago, making it an ideal place for professionals to settle down with their families. It’s also a 20-minute lakefront drive to New Buffalo, MI, a popular beach town destination. But there’s plenty to do in Michigan City, too!

Residents and visitors love trips to the Washington Park Zoo, where bears, lions, tigers, bobcats and more play. Blue Chip Casino and Spa offers relaxing adult getaways, while the Indiana Dunes National Park provides outdoor adventures and hiking. The Lubeznik Center for Arts features local artists, while Shady Creek Winery provides delightful wine tastings. And the food scene in Michigan City can’t be missed! From Shoreline Brewery and Panini Panini to Galveston Steakhouse, there’s something delicious for everyone in MC. With so much to do and enjoy in Michigan City, more homes are being renovated and built each year. When residents need expert dryer vent repairs, cleaning and replacement, they contact the Dryer Vent Squad NWI.

Preventing Housefires with Expert Dryer Vent Services in Michigan City

As a locally owned and operated business, Dry Vent Squad of Northwest Indiana is proud to follow the principles of our parent company, Dry Vent Squad. We prioritize customer satisfaction by taking the time and resources necessary to do the job thoroughly, efficiently and quickly. We leave your home cleaner than we found it, and we use industry-leading products and techniques to ensure a clean and professional dryer vent. 

Experts recommend professionally cleaning your dry vent yearly to ensure your home is safe and clean. Here are just a few reasons to have the Dry Vent Squad NWI clean your vents:

  • Improved health. When your dryer or air vents are dirty, they circulate particles and matter that can cause allergies, worsen asthma and make you and your family sick. Regular cleaning ensures a healthier environment for the people you love.
  • Improved safety. Clogged dryer vents are a top cause of house fires! When the lint from your laundry builds up and heats with each cycle, the chances of a fire increase. Regular cleaning decreases the risk of a vent-related fire.
  • Improved effectiveness. Clogged dryer vents force your dryer to work harder. If your vents are full of lint, your dryer won’t dry your clothes well, requiring multiple rounds of costly drying cycles. Over time, your dryer will wear out from the higher workload, and you’ll need to replace your dryer more frequently! Annual dryer vent cleaning helps your dryer work more effectively, which increases longevity.

Schedule Expert Vent Services Now to Keep Your Family Safe

The Dryer Vent Squad NWI offers more than dryer vent cleaning. We also repair and replace vent systems and provide air duct cleaning! Contact us today with any questions, and schedule your professional services